Thursday, June 29, 2006

Enjoying ourselves in England

I'll make this quick.
For those of you who think that (Western) Europe is more advanced socially than America, this photo should convince you otherwise. It would seem that things in England are so bad that they are not only selling blacks, but renting them as well!

And the winner for worst children's toy ever is...

Well, at least I've made some new friends.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Come on England!

Hi there,
Rosemary and I are in England at the moment, more specifically in Oxford.
Two main things on my mind right now:
1) England is a cool place! I have never been one to be interested in Western-Europe at all; I've always been (and continue to be) much more interested in going East. My reasoning behind this is that I don't like pushing through crowds of tourists or paying a lot of money for anything. The farther East you go, the less you have to worry about those things! That's why while Rosemary is always saying, "I want to go to England or France," I'm always saying, "Let's go to Bulgaria or Azerbaijan! Albania, here we come! Watch out Moldova!"
But after being here in England for even only a day, I'm starting to see what all the fuss is about. Its cool here, and I love Ginger Beer!
2) I love watching the World Cup. I never watch football (that's right, I called it football on purpose) much outside of the World Cup or the olympics, but I must admit that I have caught a full case of World Cup fever. I watch as many games as I can, and even get a newspaper and follow all the groups.
Just a side note--I am proud to say that Ukraine will almost definitely proceed to the second round. I'm sure that almost none of you care, but I think its really great.
Ok, here are some pictures from our day in Oxford. Enjoy.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Eger by night!

Geof and I, by the cover of almost-darkness, went out tonight after church, around dusk, onto the lower ledge of the castle wall, and I took these pictures with the help of my trusty tripod.
I hope you like them!

Church Outreaches

This past week our church organized 2 evangelistic outreaches to the city of Eger.
Our friend Geof Stimack from Denver, CO has been here and did 2 presentations in 2 different locations on the topic of the claims of the Da Vinci Code.

Its not so much that we think the Da Vinci Code is a real threat to the Christian faith, but we more wanted to use this opportunity to share with people that the Bible is in fact reliable and trustworthy, and on the basis of that truth, challenge them to respond to the message of the Bible.

The presentations were well attended (about 70 the first night and another 35 the second night).

One of the greatest things was to see how the people from church really came together and helped out. It was great to see people sharing their faith with friends and family members and even complete strangers afterwards.

We had "feedback" papers that we asked people to fill out afterwards, on which they could check off if they'd like to be contacted in regard to Bible Study, personal conversations about spiritual things, or even our English Club. We got a lot of good responses, and many people showed interest in knowing more.

Please pray that God would water the seeds which were sewn through these presentations and that people would respond to the message as we follow up with them!