Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Last week we had two graduations in our family: Nate graduated from Kindergarten and Balazs graduated in High School.

We are very proud of both of them, but especially of Balázs because of how far he has come sine he first came to live with us. High school wasn't easy, especially since he had to study in a foreign language, but he did it, and he finished well. His last semester was probably his best in all his years of schooling so far.

One week from today Balázs will start his new job at LEI companies in Denver, in an electrician apprenticeship program.

Here is a video of Nate's kindergarten graduation and some pictures of Balázs' high school graduation.


Receiving an acknowledgement for his community service:


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Felicia's First Ballet Performance

Felicia has been going to a Russian ballet school here in Longmont for the past several months. She's in a class with other kids her age - the youngest group in the school.

This past Sunday the school put on a performance of Swan Lake, and Felicia's class got to have a part in it. She was very hesitant to get on stage, but once she did, she had a lot of fun.