Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I am looking forward to

Junior is due tomorrow!
I honestly thought he would come early, but it seems like Junior is going to keep us all waiting. Being at the end of the pregnancy, I can look back and say that it has gone very well for me and I have enjoyed being pregnant and have this amazing thing happen in my belly. This is really a blessing from God because no woman can know what to expect, and we have enjoyed the phenomenon of Junior growing inside and not having any problems for either of us. My life usually has difficulties and I have learned through it not to worry and know that God is One to be trusted, and this has carried into the pregnancy.

At the end of being pregnant with Junior, it has gotten more difficult these last 2 weeks. Being at the end of a waiting period, its natural to get impatient and want it to be over, and this is where Nick and I are at! Also, it's gotten uncomfortable, and I am thinking about things I miss and what I want to do once Junior is out!

This is what I have been thinking about:
1. I love sleeping on my back, and it has been painful to sleep on my side. I wake up in the middle of the night on my back, and the weight of the baby pushes down all my guts and major blood vessels, making me feel like throwing up and my feet are asleep from lack of blood.
2. I would like to get dressed without needing to lean against the wall because I cannot bend over to pull anything up or put my shoes on.
3. I remember being able to bend over at the waist and pick something up. Being pregnant, I have to carefully squat and not fall over because I don't know my center of gravity.
4. I miss being able to cuddle with Nick. The belly gets in the way-obviously. He sits on a separate chair now because we cannot cuddle on the couch and I cannot just turn any which way to get comfortable.
5. Something I never thought would be hard is to get into bed. Nick laughed really hard when he saw my procedure of having to back up into place, sit down in just the right spot so my head will land on the pillow when I lay down and far enough back on the bed so I won't fall off. Then, I fall on my side to make it to the pillow. Its so hard to roll over in bed-I have pulled muscles in the belly doing it.
6. Did you know that with all the hormones is one that relaxes the ligaments for pregnant moms? With this, I have experienced quite a few serious choking episodes as my epiglottis is too relaxed. I choke a lot anyway-but its been scary while pregnant to choke so seriously that I barf.
7. I miss being able to lay down without acid rushing into my throat.
8. Taking a shower is another experience with a big belly that I have had to learn. The first one is climbing into and out of the tub without losing my balance-and remember, bending is not easy. This means also that washing my legs and feet are a challenge.
9. My toenails have grown so long being pregnant because I feel like barfing every time I bend over and try to cut them. I have tried squatting and cutting nails, but that is very hard too, and the deed just gets neglected. The other problem is that they grow so fast with all the hormones, and I wear flip-flops since I won't bend over to put shoes on.
10. In the past 2 weeks, I have started itching a lot on my ankles and wrists and hands. Part of the reason is my teno-synovitis which causes swelling anyway, and the other reason is hormones, oh and also, yes, because I am pregnant with so much fluid everywhere anyway. I look forward to not having weird pregnant things happen to my body anymore, even though it is interesting how God made the woman's body to do all this.
11. I look forward to walking up the hill to my house without dying because now I am carrying a big belly and the baby pushes my lungs up, decreasing my breathing capacity.

There are many more things that can be added to the list, but I won't state the obvious nor make my first blog too long.
The thing we look forward to most is having Junior and holding him.