Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moved to Longmont

We have been in Colorado for 2 months now, and on Tuesday we closed on our new house. It's really a crazy feeling for me to own a house. I feel very blessed to be able to buy a house where my wife and kids can feel at home.

We are really enjoying Longmont and the ministry at the church. And it is so nice to actually be living in Longmont now, and not have to drive up and down I-25 every day. If I never see I-25 again it will be too soon...

We are over half-way done moving our stuff in and unpacking, thanks to a lot of help from my parents and some kind people from church. It's beginning to feel like home. The kids were super excited to get all their toys back.

God is good. We feel very blessed.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stuff Nate Says Lately

* On a rainy day, while driving in the car - "Dad, how do you say fog in French?"
* After watching "The Rescuers" - "Dad, I hope you don't get adult-napped."
* After moving into our house today: "Dad, I like Longmont, but can I visit Eger some day?"