Friday, October 05, 2007

Orrszívó Porszívó - Nose Vac

Sorry for not writing since the birth of the baby! He's beautiful and wonderful - praise the Lord!
In case you don't know yet, he was born on September 1st and his name is Nathaniel Nicholas Cady.
Well, Nate got his first cold (from his dad it seems), and today we took him to the doctor because of it. And her recommendation - buy an attachment for our vacuum cleaner that sucks out his brains, I mean mucous!
Anyways, I knew that Hungarians use this product, and I must admit that I was a bit skeptical to use it - not to mention that it didn't help when the doctor told us, "Don't be surprised if he bleeds a little from it!"
But we gave it a shot, and his brain didn't get sucked out or anything! Its still fully intact.
Anyways, I have to admit that I am totally impressed with this thing! I was totally convinced that this is some sort of torture device, but now I'm fully converted - I'm a fan. I vacuum out his nose every chance that I get, and I'm pretty sure he actually likes it, because he gets super calm and just lets me do it.
I can't wait until I have a cold, so I can use it on myself!

Oh, and I found this awesomely bad video - an official advertisement for this product. This is one of the worst commercials I've ever seen! Among the things that make this video so bad its good, my favorite parts are: 1) the horrible background music, 2) the part where the kid takes it and uses it on himself, 3) the close up of the snot fluttering as it is sucked out of the kid's nose.


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