Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Night Jesus

One of the best times with Nate is when we get ready for him to go to bed.
Every night it's the same program: We read a book, and then we pray.
Nate really likes to pray - especially when we pray for people who are sick. He always prays that Jesus would take away their owies.
He was cute tonight after our prayers - here's how it went:

Me: (praying...) Amen!

Nate: Goodbye Jesus!

Me: We don't say goodbye to Jesus, because he never leaves us. He is always here because he loves us.


Nate: Good night Jesus!

Nate (whispering to me): Jesus is going to sleep!

Me: Jesus is always awake to help you.

Nate (whispering to me): 7 times!

Me: Huh? What?

Nate: 7 times! Then shout! Then the walls fall down!

He's a clever little guy :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dorothy Grace Blog

Írtam már többször Dorothy Grace-ről, egy kislány aki nagyon hasonló problémákkal született mint a mi kislányunk, Felícia.

Azoknak, akik szeretnétek követni Dorothy életét és fejlődését, ajánlom ezt a weboldalt és blogot amelyet az édesanya, Enikő, készített róla:

I have written before about Dorothy Grace, a little girl who was born with very similar problems as our daughter Felicia.

For those of you who are interested in following Dorothy's progress, her mother, Enikő, has started a webpage and blog about her:

(the blog is only in Hungarian, but you can easily translate it into English using a service like Google Translate or the Google Chrome browser)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Local Celebrities - Helyi Hírességek

Rosemary, Nate and Felicia had their picture in the local newspaper today.
Ma megjelent egy kép Rosemary, Nate és Felíciáról a Heves Megyei Hírlapban.

They had gone to the children's library, which happened to be closed - but there was a photographer from the newspaper who asked them to pose next to this art exhibition, since they seemed very photogenic.
Úgy volt, hogy elmentek a gyermek könyvtárba, ami amúgy zárva volt, de közben volt ott egy fényképész a hírlapból aki megkérte őket, hogy pózoljanak egy művészeti kiállítás előtt, mert annyira fotógének voltak.

We are becoming local celebrities :)
Egyreinkább helyi hírességekké válunk :)

Tweeting the Bible

This British man made the news with his project to tweet summaries of every chapter of the Bible.

I think this is an interesting idea, and I think it's great that he's getting so much press for it.

You can follow him here: @biblesummary

Are you on Twitter? If you are, you can follow me here: @nickcady

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Felicia Neurology Check Up

Today we were back in Budapest for a check-up with the neurologist at the developmental neurology department. It's been 3 months since our last visit with this doctor, at which time she told us that Felicia's condition was still bad, but that there was a good chance of her having a total recovery.
Ma újra felmentünk Budapestre kontrol vizsgálatra a neurológusnál a fejlődés neurológia osztályon. 3 hónapja voltunk legutóbb ennél a doktornál, és akkor azt mondta nekünk, hogy Felícia állapota még mindig rossz volt, viszont jó esélye volt annak, hogy teljesen meg fog gyógyulni és felépülni.

Today she told us that Felicia has recovered so well that she no longer has any symptoms of being sick, and thus we don't have to continue doing the therapy with her at home.
Ma azt mondta nekünk a doktornő, hogy Felícia már annyira meggyógyult, hogy már nincsenek kóros tünetei, és így nem kell folytatnunk vele a gyógykezelést otthon.

We were somewhat expecting to get a good report, as we have observed for ourselves how healthy she seems, but it was so good to hear from the neurologist that Felicia seems perfectly healthy. Although we will have to continue going back to the neurology department for check-ups, this gives us a sense of closure to this chapter of our lives, and now we can move on from here with our healthy little girl.
Valamilyen szinten el is vártuk ezt a jó hírt, mivel látjuk a saját szemeinkkel, hogy Felícia már mennyire egészséges, de nagyon jó volt azt hallani a neurológustól, hogy Felícia teljesen egészségesnek tűnik. És bár vissza kell járnunk a neurológiára kontrolra még egy jó darabig, így valahogy letudjuk zárni az életünknek ezt a fejezetét, és folytathatjuk innen az egészséges kislányunkkal.

God has been so good and so kind to us. Thanks again to those of you who pray for us.
Ez alatt az idő alatt Isten annyira jó volt hozzánk, és annyira kegyelmes. Köszönjük még egyszer azoknak akik imádkoztok értünk.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Rosemary and I both enjoy taking photos, but we don't have enough pictures of just the two of us as a couple. Today was an exception. We filled up all 7 seats of the Dacia and headed up to the mountains in Slovakia for the day. On the way home we stopped at the top of the Dobšiná pass and took this photo.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Tornado in Eger

Here is a picture and a video of a tornado on the outskirts of Eger yesterday.
I was outside with Nate, and the wind was really strong, but I would have never expected there to be a tornado in town!

The tornado didn't touch down, but the high winds did cause some damage to houses and knocked over some trees. Nothing too serious - but big news in a quiet town like Eger!
Here is an article (in Hungarian).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

English Camp Video

This video was made by some guys from the church at our English Camp last month.
The guys are really talented and did a great job with the video; it gives a great picture of all that went on at camp.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Summer Update

Greetings from Eger!

We hope you are having a nice summer. For us, this is one of the busiest times of the year, but one of the most exciting and fruitful. We will be traveling to the US in September and October on the following dates:
  • Denver: September 2-22
  • Southern California: 24- October 14.
We are looking forward to seeing family and friends; if anyone would like to meet, please write us so we can set something up.

Here's what's new with us:

We bought a new car in June - a Dacia Logan. It seats 7 and we love it; it totally meets our needs, and it was certainly time for us to get a new car. You can read more about the car here. Our old car is up for sale here; please pray that we are able to sell it soon.

The biggest event for us every summer is the English Camp. We put a lot of work into preparing for it, and it has been getting bigger and better every year. This year's camp was very fruitful, and right now we are working hard on following up with the kids who came to camp., through our youth group, which is led by Dani. A lot of kids have been coming to youth group, which has been great to see. Read more about English Camp and youth group here.

We have a new co-worker at the church here in Eger. Scott Fales arrived in July from Southern California, and will stay for at least one year. He has been a big help so far, with the youth and with setting up the church. More about Scott here.

The church is doing well. In this year we have said goodbye to a few key people, but there are many new people in the church, and we see the Lord at work amongst us.
We started doing some mission trips to Ukraine, which we plan to continue. More about Ukraine here.

September is a really busy time in the church, and one of the months when we do a lot of outreach, as students return to the city and people are back from summer holidays.
This September, the major outreaches we are planning are: Distributing "Survival Packets" in the dormitories of the Eger College with a follow-up event in October when we return, and a medical outreach in the city center for World Heart Day. We did both of these outreaches last year too, and we hope this year to do them better and more effectively.
For the church, this will be an interesting time, as they will do these things without us here to oversee them. We know that this will be a stretching, but good thing for them.
It is a real blessing to see the growth in the church, and that the ministry of the church carries on without us.

Felicia is doing great. She is now 6 months old, and it seems that she is totally healthy. We still continue to do her therapy, although less now than before. The doctors are amazed and are saying that most likely she will have a FULL RECOVERY! We are so thankful to the Lord for healing our little girl. You can read more about Felicia here.

Nate will be 3 years old on September 1st. He is a big boy, and full of energy. He has really enjoyed summer time and getting to spend so much time outside running around and swimming. He is good at soccer and loves cars and trains - and sometimes his sister too. We enrolled him in Hungarian nursery, which he will start when he comes back from the US. You can read more about Nate here.

Balázs will start 10th grade this fall. He will be coming to Colorado with us, and is very excited about going to the US. Balázs is a really good kid, and it's a joy to have him as part of our family. More about Balázs here.

Rosemary is very tired because of the kids; Nate wears her out. Rosemary had a major role in organizing the English Camp, which was a lot of work, but she was satisfied with how well the camp went. She is enjoying not having any major programs this month before we head to the States.

I, Nick, apart from pastoring the church, still teach English part time. I am sill doing my theological studies, but have enjoyed a nice break from it during the summer. I stay busy, but it is a blessing to make my own schedule and be together with my family a lot.

Prayer requests
  • For safe travel and a blessed time in the States.
  • For the church, its ministries and outreaches, especially while we are away.
  • For the kids' health and development.
  • For Rosemary to be refreshed and strengthened.
  • For our marriage to be strong and healthy.
Thank you for your prayers and support!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

English Camp 2010

This year we held our 5th annual English Camp in Felsőtárkány, in the hills right outside of Eger.
100 kids attended the camp, which is the most we've ever had before, and God provided us with a great group of helpers from Hungary, the USA, Australia and India.

Our camp, and our church along with it, has gained quite a good reputation in Eger and the surrounding area. One of our goals in organizing the camp it to have a high standard and to do a quality camp - and the fruit of that has been that people in Eger have a good impression about it. This year, we were contacted by a local radio station, who interviewed me about the camp, and a reporter and photographer from the local newspaper came out to take pictures and interview a few people for an article about the camp.

Through the camp we are able to develop relationships with the campers, and we have always tried to follow up with them after camp is over, with varied success.
Last year, we started a youth group, with the hope that we could plug the kids into it after camp was over. There were kids from the camp who attended, but we wanted to do it a lot better this year.
We have had a lot more kids attending the youth group since camp. Dani (pictured on the right) is leading it and it now meets every week. Dani, as well as Scott and others in the church, have a real heart for the kids and have done a great job following up with them - organizing events and hanging out with them a lot outside of youth group as well.

Here's a picture from a church barbecue party we had that a lot of the campers came out to. This coming weekend there will be a canoe trip on the Tisza river.

Here is a video taken at a recent youth group meeting:

Thank you to those who prayed for the camp. It was a success, and a lot of fun.
Please continue to pray for the kids who attended and for our church as we seek to follow up with them.

Saturday, August 07, 2010


We have a new co-worker in our church here in Eger. Scott Fales moved to Eger in July from Thousand Oaks, California to serve with our church for at least the next year, and possibly longer.

We have known Scott for the past few years, and he has been out to Hungary before. He is a good friend of Shane Daniels, who served with us for the past few years until recently moving to Szolnok, where he plans to start a church this autumn - our church, and Scott, plan to be involved in helping that new church plant to get started.

Here is a link to Scott's blog. Please keep him, our church, and the church plant in Szolnok in prayer.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


A few weeks ago I got a new phone, a Motorola CLIQ, which I bought used from a family member in the US.

The CLIQ uses the Android operating system, the main competitor to the iPhone - and it seems that Android has actually surpassed iPhone in sales in the smart phone market.

I've never had an iPhone, but I do have an iPod touch, and have some experience using the iOS operating system which also runs on both devices. There are some things which I like must better about Android, and there are others ways in which I think the iOS is better.

One of the main things that makes the iPhone better I think is that it functions as an iPod. Android also has a media player, which is also very good - but it is not as easy to navigate and use as the iPod in the iPhone.
There are also some apps for the iPhone/iPod touch which I really miss on the Android, such as the ESV Bible app, Tweetdeck (coming for Android, but still in development), and especially Amazon Kindle reader.
To me, the iOS seems a bit more fluid and responsive, but there isn't a huge difference.

On the other hand, there are some things I prefer about Android, particularly how it syncs so well with everything on my Google account - particularly that it uses the Google Calendar and GTasks.
Another thing I really love is the universal inbox, where I can view both my email accounts, text messages, facebook and twitter messages all in one place, and respond to them all without having to open separate applications.
The CLIQ has a virtual keyboard, similar to the iPhone's, and I actually prefer the Android's spell check to the iPhone's. The CLIQ also has a full keyboard, something I didn't think I would use or like, but which I now actually prefer to the virtual keyboard.

All in all, I really like Android, and don't feel any need or desire to switch from it to the iPhone - although I really do wish I could read Kindle books on it!

Anyone else out there using Android? What do you think of it?
Is there a way to read Kindle books on it? Will it ever be possible?

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Felicia is 6 Months Old


Today we took Felicia back to the hospital here in Eger to get a check up from the neonatal doctor who treated her when she was first born. We love this doctor, and she loves Felicia! She was the doctor who broke the news to me about how critical Felicia's condition was, and that there was a great chance that she would not survive.
Ma vissza vittük Felíciát az egri kórházba, kontrolra, ahozz az neonatalis orvosnőhöz aki kezelte Felíciát amikor megszületett. Nagyon szeretjük ezt az orvost, és ő nagyon szereti Felíciát! Ő volt az az orvos aki elmondta nekem azt a hírt, hogy Felícia állapota milyen, és hogy kockán forgott az élete.

The doctor told us something about Felicia today that we had not known before. She said that when Felicia arrived to the intensive care unit in Budapest, they detected a certain enzyme in her blood test which is an indicator of brain damage. The acceptable or normal level of this enzyme is 25 - but Felicia's was 1500. According to the doctor, this high number of enzymes usually means that the baby will remain in a vegetative state, perhaps for their entire life.
Felicia's level of this enzyme by the time she left the hospital was 25, which the doctor said is amazing, and she reminded us again of what a miracle Felicia's recovery is.
Az orvosnő olyan dolgot is mondott nekünk ma, amelyet eddig még nem tudtuk. Azt mondta, hogy amikor Felícia megérkezett az intenziv osztályra Budapesten, észlelték egy bizonyos ezimet a vérvételen ami agykárosodást jelez. Az átlagos vagy elfogadható mennyisége ennek az enzimnek 25 - Felíciáé pedig 1500 volt. Az orvosnő szerint, az ilyen magas mennyiség általában azt jelenti, hogy a baba vegetativ állapotban fog maradni, akár az egész életén át.
Amire Feliciát elengedték a kórházból, már 25-ös volt ennek az enzimnek a szintje a vérében - erről az orvosnő azt mondta, hogy ez egy kész csoda, hogy ennyire szépen és gyorsan gyógyult.

Because of Felicia's oxygen deficiency at birth, it would be expected that she would be lagging behind in her development, but amazingly she even ahead of schedule with some of her developmental milestones!
Felícia oxigén hiánya miatt, az lenne az elvárás, hogy egy kicsit lassú és visszamaradott lenne a fejlődése, viszont csodálatos módon, ő inkább az átlagnál hamarabb éri el néhány fejlődési mérföldkövet!

We are so thankful to God for the gift of our little girl. She is wonderful.
Thank you to all those of you who have prayed and continue to pray for Felicia's full recovery.
Nagyon hálásak vagyunk Istennek a kislányukért. Ő egyszerűen csodálatos.
Köszönjük mindenkinek aki imádkozott és aki továbbra is imádkozik Felícia teljes gyógyulásáért.