Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Race Against the Clock

Nate is always getting bigger and bigger. I guess that's just what babies do.
He's also getting more mobile all the time. He's been crawling for months, but now he's able to put it into 5th gear and crawl at super speed all over the house.
Last week we were in Vajta, and he crawled up a set of stairs! Then we brought him home to Eger, and he did the same thing on the stairs at the church. Good job buddy!
He's also gotten really good at pulling himself up onto things to stand up.
Because he's so active nowadays, whenever he's awake, one of us has to follow him around the whole time, and stop him from pulling all the wires out of the computer or pulling the fan down on himself, or grab him when he gets into the trash can or starts putting our shoes in his mouth.
Right now, Nate is sleeping. That's why I have time to write this.
What happens is that when he takes his naps (2 times a day for 1-2 hrs), its a race against the clock to get stuff done! We start writing emails as fast as we possibly can, cleaning up the house, doing things in the kitchen, the whole time glancing nervously at the baby monitor, because we know that with every second that passes we have less time to do things we need to do before he wakes up again!
It was a whole lot easier when he was smaller and slept for like 22 hrs a day!
I'm sure that all you parents out there know exactly what I'm talking about - especially if you have more than one kid. We're still new to this whole thing, but I'm already thinking about what its going to be like when #2 comes along and also gets this size.
Well, Nate just woke up, so I gotta go!