Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day Trip to RMNP

This past Sunday was Father's Day - one of the first Father's Days - if not THE first - that I have spent in the US near my dad since I left for Hungary 10 years ago.

We had a great time at church - we had a BBQ and potluck, and the church family spent time together on the lawn in front of our building eating and enjoying fellowship for a long time after church. I love that kind of stuff.

After church I took off with my dad and headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park, which is a relatively short drive from where we live in Longmont. When we were in Utah a few weeks ago we bought a season pass for the national parks and monuments, and being this close to RMNP, I hope to get good use out it.

My dad and I hiked up to Fern Falls, and had a good time together. We both love the Rockies and enjoy being out in God's good creation, which speaks of His glory and majesty and power and beauty.

Here are some pictures:

Moraine Park

Fern Falls

A Columbine - the state flower of Colorado

Hallett Peak (12,713 ft) over Bear Lake (9450 ft)

Bear Lake - the farthest mountain on the left is Mt Meeker, and the one to the right of it is Longs Peak

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road Trip

We spent last week in Southern California. I attended a pastors conference in Murietta and Rosemary and the kids spent time with family and friends in Carlsbad.

We had a really nice time. On our way home we decided to take a detour through Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. They look really close to I-15 on the map, but they are a bit of a jog off the highway...especially Bryce Canyon.
Usually the trip through Utah is hard because it is so desolate and monotonous. I admit that I've never thought of southern Utah as a beautiful place - BUT I really did enjoy Zion and Bryce Canyon - especially when we got off the road and hiked down into the canyon. Our kids were troopers and had a great time hiking around and getting to see some wildlife up close.

Road trippin':

Kids at Bryce Canyon:

Here are some photos from Zion and Bryce Canyon: