Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our trip to America - pt 1.

Hey there,

We are now in San Diego area staying with my friend Jenni. She has 3 kids and her youngest is just older than Nathaniel, so our kids nap at roughly the same times.
Nate has a bit of jet lag-he got up at 5:20 this morning and finally went back to sleep a while later.
Our trip started when we left Eger at 3:30 in the morning Tuesday. The flight took off at 6:30 am and Nate slept all the way to Frankfurt, Germany. WE were SO blessed that the flight to Los Angelas wasn’t full and we were able to have a seat for Nate, and we had him take naps in the car seat. He was such a good boy on the airplane and enjoyed looking at everything and everyone, and seemed to enjoy the air turbulence and especially when the plane landed. He was laughing! SO, it seems that Nate will be a roller coaster fan in the future.
Praise the Lord, I was concerned that he would cry a lot on the plane and it would be hard for him. He did a good job on the 11 hour ride from Frankfurt.
Nick and I are tired but doing well. Our pace of visiting people is a lot slower with the baby as we don’t want to tire him out. We are enjoying our time here and my brother Tony is coming over every day to see us. Nate loves him and stares at Uncle Tony and babbles and laughs. Nick says that Uncle Tony looks like mom with a beard.
I hope you are all well. Keep in touch.


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