Monday, May 14, 2007

Kis Kuki

Junior let us look between his legs last week, and we saw a kis kuki - for those of you who know what that means!
Anyways - in case you don't know what that means - it means that Junior is a boy...well, probably! The doctor did look 4 times, so its pretty sure.
Now we're trying to figure out names, which isn't really all that easy. I wanted to name the kid Zorán (I'm totally serious about that), but I'm having trouble talking Rosemary into it. Maybe she'll have a change of heart. I hope so.
The only problem with naming him Zorán, would be that there is a bad Hungarian musician by that name:
But, I guess you could argue that if his music is bad enough, then that would make it awesomely bad, thereby giving a basis to my argument for why we should name him Zorán!

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  1. Yoder9:30 PM

    Congratulation! I am learning more and more everyday how fun it is to have boys. You will be blessed when he finally comes.

    We miss you both very much and hope someday to see you and your son again.