Monday, July 02, 2007

Magyar vagyok, nem turista!

After many months of bureaucracy, my perseverance has paid off, and I now have my settlement papers in Hungary (like the equivalent of having a Green Card in the US)! Until now I was here on a Missionary Visa, which prevented me from being able to do many things, including getting a job or signing certain contracts.
Today I got my Hungarian Identification card in the mail, so now I don't have to show people my Colorado driver's license anymore - which is always met with confusion and 5 minutes of discussing with the colleagues about whether or not that is acceptable as a form of ID.

Although things are coming together, although I still have to get 2 more important documents before I am finally finished with all the paperwork, and I am having a lot of difficulty getting these papers. For example, you can't get the TB card (National Insurance), unless you have a job; BUT you can't get a job unless you have a TB card! Lovely!
Then the office that is supposed to give the TB card told me that I need to go to the Unemployment office to get my TB card, but at the Unemployment office they told me that they can't help me with anything until I get a TB card.
Anyways, please pray that God will put it on someone's heart at one of these offices to actually help me out!

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