Saturday, January 05, 2008


On Jan. 1st, our son, Nathaniel, turned 4 months old. He's doing great - getting stronger and fatter every day. Now he laughs and is able to grab at things and play with simple toys. He loves to talk to his stuffed animals! He used to cry when we put him to bed, but nowadays he just talks to his stuffed animals for a few minutes and then goes to sleep on his own!
Today we experienced an important milestone in the life of our son. We were sitting down eating dinner together, and was holding Nate in my lap while I ate. Next thing I know, he's reaching onto my plate and grabbing handfuls of my food and throwing them!
I realized that this is truly the beginning of a new stage in our son's life - a stage in which he will be throwing food and making messes everywhere. That's ok - its worth it!
Oh, and you can click here to listen to Nate laughing.


  1. Nate is suich a cutie!

    Is this a "like father - like son" type of behavior?

    Time to get out your old favorite childhood book for bedtime story reading "Table Etiquette for Infants 1-6 months"! :)

  2. Yes, Aunt Merilyn called it for what it is, like father, like son. From Joe to Nick to Nate, do not mess with him when he is eating.