Thursday, May 01, 2008

Spring in Eger

Spring is my favorite time of year in Hungary.
When I lived in Colorado, spring was actually my least favorite time of year, because it meant the end of the ski season. But here I'm actually glad when the winter's over; for one, because ski season isn't a big deal here (although I did manage to get to Slovakia to snowboard a few times this year), but mostly because it means that I can get outside and start doing stuff that is fun to do around here, like hiking and mountain biking.

Last week some guys and from the church and I went hiking in Slovakia, to a super cool national park, where we hiked up 2 canyons, in a beautiful area. For pictures click here.

This time of year in Eger it rains a lot, but that also means that the hillsides are very green, and so when the sun shines its gorgeous.

Today we went for a bike ride in the hills, and even got to see some newborn sheep, who still had afterbirth on them and were taking their first steps! Cool stuff.

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