Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Camera

I've been wanting to buy a DSLR camera for a while now, but the price always deterred me. Finally I sucked it up and decided to buy one (or maybe Rosemary sucked it up and decided to let me buy one - whichever it is).
After spending a lot of time on ebay, and worrying that it wouldn't arrive on time to the person from California who brought it over for me - I got a used Nikon D50.
I'm really enjoying it, and it takes great photos.
I have some posted on this site:


  1. "I am NOT jealous. I am NOT jealous. I am NOT jealous"

    Nice camera...enjoy. That would have been my pick (or the Nikon D70 while we are dreaming).

  2. Yea, the D70 is really nice, but the D50 was a stretch on the budget itself.
    What camera are you using?
    And what was that camera you had when you were here in Hungary? I remember a Nikon SLR of some sort...

  3. Yeah...while I was dreaming. The D50 is great I have heard. I used a Nikon N80 while I was in Hungary. It is the "equivalent" of the D70.