Monday, August 31, 2009

Tito and other Yugoslav graffiti

I wrote this post after our last trip to former-Yugoslavia, about Tito, and how in every former-Yugoslav country it seems there are many people who love Tito, and miss the Tito era, when the Yugoslav nations lived in peace and relative prosperity.
I found this poster in Zagreb:
It seems that in Croatia even punks love Tito!

I really like looking at graffiti wherever I'm at in Europe; I think its interesting to read what people think is worth writing on walls for everyone to see. Sometimes the ones written in English are really funny, especially when they are misspelled, or phrased wrong. One of my favorites in the main square in Debrecen said: Let us go to steal.In Croatia there was a lot of interesting graffiti - I especially liked this one I found in Zadar:
I'm not really sure what they mean by saying that Zagreb=Belgrade, but I'm guessing its negative, and this person from Dalmatia doesn't like either of these cities very much.
Anyone have more insight into this?


  1. Anonymous6:49 PM



    It is positive

    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Croats more look like Portugals or Irish people. Croats are not even connected with Serbs.
      Zagreb = Beograd is only words on wall and describe situation of centralisation in republic of Croatia. Satisfied?

  2. Oh, that's good then. Thanks for the insight!

  3. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I think it refers to the central position of Beograd during the Yugoslav era. Some Dalmatians accuse Zagreb of taking the central position now in Croatia. To them, there's no difference between the dominant position of Beograd then, and Zagreb now...

  4. Very interesting. Thanks for the comment.