Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ukrainian Playground

When we were in Ukraine recently we took the kids to a playground in Ternopil.

I had read before about the elaborate, and sometimes strange, playgrounds in the former Soviet Union - such as the one in this picture below, so I was interested in checking one out.

Playground Kremlin

We were not disappointed. The playground we went to was both elaborate and strange. A perfect mixture of both elements which I had hoped to find.

The kids really liked it, and they had some pretty cool stuff - like a police officer that you could climb up into

There was also this cool castle that they could climb on

And this giant slide

But there were some strange things as well - like the "slide of death", a 3 story tall straight drop designed to give near-death experiences to toddlers

I heard stories of dads taking their kids up to the top and trying to make them go down, while the kids shouted "No!" and cried. Sounds like a nice family day at the park :-)

There was also a new prefab part of the playground

Ukrainian playgound, you did not disappoint us!

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