Thursday, February 02, 2012

Farewell Dear Dacia

In June 2010 we bought our first new car - a 7 seater Dacia Logan MCV.

Today we said goodbye to our dear car, which we loved very much. It really was a great car. We had hoped to take it with us to the US, but it would have been too complicated.

The car sold very quickly - within only a few days of us putting it up online, and amazingly, we actually got more for it than we had hoped :) God is good, and he keeps using things like this to confirm that our move to Colorado really is His leading.

Farewell Dear Dacia! You will be missed.


  1. Lehet tudni, kié lett?

  2. Egy Miklós nevű ember aki Ostoroson lakik.

  3. good old dacia! yours looks in a lot better shape than mine though.

  4. Ben, we have less and less in common :-(
    Have you considered handing over your church to a national, moving to Colorado and buying an SUV?