Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 2 of English Camp - Tuesday

Yesterday was another great day of camp. It is great to see kids showing interest in Jesus. Many have been attending the testimony times, and have been talking to those who share afterwards. This is one of the best things, because as the teachers open up and share personal things about themselves and the way they came to know The Lord, they "go first" in opening up, which gives kids "permission" to let down their barriers and open up as well.

Natalie shared her testimony of coming to know The Lord as a young child, but walk ing away from her faith in her 20's, and how the prayers of her mother played an important role in her turning from a life of sin and rebellion and coming back to God, finding grace and redemption and restoration in His arms. It was powerful and many kids have come and talked to her about it since then, saying how impactful it was to them.

Today (Wednesday), 4 new teachers arrived: Anil and Biby from Syracuse and Judit and Kirstie from London.

This morning a ton of the kids joined us for devotions and prayer before breakfast. We are seeing great open doors and open hearts. Please pray that we are able to help these kids make a decision this week for Jesus and ultimately get plugged into Christian fellowship at the church.

Our kids have been doing well. Felicia woke up this morning with a tick in her back, so we took her to the doctor and got it removed. Ticks are very wide-spread and can be quite dangerous. I had to take another girl to the village doctor yesterday as well.

The theme of the camp is Wild West, and the kids have been having a great time playing sherif.


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