Saturday, October 05, 2013

Autumn Hike

Colorado is a beautiful place in every season, but autumn is maybe the most picturesque as aspen leaves change from green to yellow, then orange to red, and while the peaks are getting their first dustings of new snow.
Here in Longmont we are cut off from the nearby mountains because of the floods. We can't get to Lyons, Estes Park or Nederland, all places that were quick trips into the mountains previously. This past Monday we went down to Golden Gate Canyon, the closest access to the mountains to where we live - about a 50 min drive south of us. Here are some pictures:
Grays and Torreys Peaks - both about 14,000 ft.
Longs Peak and Mount Meeker



  1. Jaaaaj, a fokos... :)))

  2. Igen, nagyon szeretik. Majdnem nem engedték felvinni őket a repülőgépre, de örülünk, hogy igen, mert mindig viszik őket amikor megyünk túrázni.