Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Things About Rosemary You Probably Didn't Know

  1. Although she grew up in San Diego, she was born in "The OC"
  2. For 2 months out of the year, she is the same age as her brother Tony - he's only 10 months older
  3. Rosemary has traveled across all of North America by car - including Canada and Mexico.
  4. She has been to every US state, except for Hawaii
  5. She has run 5 half-marathons
  6. Her father was a refugee
  7. Both her parents were immigrants to the United States
  8. She LOVES Spider Solitaire
  9. She has worked as a merchant bank teller, handling very large amounts of cold, hard cash
  10. As of the end of September, Rosemary has been living in Hungary for 10 years!


  1. Cool! Praise the Lord, He is keeping you in His hand in Hungary and everywhere else you go!

  2. oh, i am so envious. i love road trips (i guess you guys do too). i always wanted to go on a long road trip. maybe we should go together on a long road trip around europe next summer. waddaya say?

    has it been 10 years already? i guess, it has been. i remember meeting you about 15 years ago in a country that does not exist any more.

    oh, the marathons. i was really close to running half-marathons a few years ago, but i never did. maybe it is not too late. are you going to try and run again?

  3. We met in 1995 when I was here with the Kry and Vista. Yeah- I remember all that because you wrote a nice letter to my dad.
    I don't have time to put in the miles needed to prepare for a long race nowadays. I'm lucky to go out and get a run in at all...but I do need to manage my time better. There is a fall 1/2 marathon in Kassa...but I have a goal to run the Kékes csúcsfutás someday, which is 11 km. First year I found out too late and wasn't prepared in the 5 weeks, last year pregnant, this year we had an outreach the same day... So, we'll see.
    I have no idea how we can do road trips with Nate-he freaks out if he is tied down for more than 3 hours; so we'll see on that one too.