Monday, October 06, 2008

Sarajevo in Black and White

Back a few years ago, Rosemary and I and two of our friends, Naveen and Sunil, took a trip to Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia.
At the time I was still using a 35mm Pentax SLR camera - from 1983.
Its a great camera - no auto-focus or other automatic settings on it at all, just a simple light meter. I stopped using it a while back, because it jams up a lot, and using film just isn't practical - its a lot more work and a lot more expensive.
Recently I started getting some of our most memorable 35mm pictures digitized, and the first batch we did was the set from our ex-Yugo trip.
Here are some of the pictures from Sarajevo, which despite its sad recent history, is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities we've ever been to.
RIP old Pentax!


  1. Thanks for sharing these, they are beautiful!
    Is there any way we could get them from you some time? (in case you haven't copyrighted them...)
    I would love to have them on my computer to look at when I get "homesick" for my favorite city.....

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you like them.
    No copyright yet!
    I posted them up here, so you can download them.