Monday, October 12, 2009

Today, here and there

  1. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canucks! I'm going to celebrate by watching Canadian Football via Sopcast.
    BTW - I just found out last night that in Canadian Football, they only have 3 downs instead of 4, 12 players on the field instead of 11, and 110 yard fields. They also have gigantic end zones. Bummer the CFL wasn't successful in the US; everything except for the 3 downs sounds like it makes for a better game.
  2. Today is also Columbus Day.
    So, happy Columbus Day to all the Americans out there, except of course to the Native Americans and everyone else who has an ideological objection to Columbus Day.
  3. We found a new apartment to move into, and will be moving at the end of November.
    It is about double the size of where we live now, so we will have a lot more space and comfort. The new place has a big kitchen/dining area, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2 balconies. Balázs will have his own room, and we will have an extra room for an office/guest room.
    We're happy to have found this place. It is owned by someone we know, and is actually in the same building as Shane and Marianna. We will be neighbors!

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