Sunday, October 17, 2010


We have arrived back in Hungary, and it seems we all have a case of desynchronosis, AKA 'jet lag'.

From Wikipedia:
When traveling across a number of time zones, the body clock will be out of synchronization with the destination time, as it experiences daylight and darkness contrary to the rhythms to which it has grown accustomed: the body's natural pattern is upset, as the rhythms that dictate times for eating, sleeping, hormone regulation and body temperature variations no longer correspond to the environment nor to each other in some cases. To the degree that the body cannot immediately realign these rhythms, it is jet lagged.

I used to be really good at not getting jet lag. I knew how to avoid it and when to go to sleep in order to prevent myself from getting my sleep rhythm messed up.
That all went out the window when we began traveling with little kids!

Although we were dreading the flight, the kids did much better on the long flight coming back to Europe than they did going to the States. The only thing was that they didn't sleep on the long flight - and crashed once we got on the plane from London to Budapest.
I think that all 4 of us are actually going to be on a different sleep rhythm, which should be interesting. Hopefully we get over it quickly!


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