Friday, June 10, 2011


Most of my free time these days is spent with my kids. There are times when I wish I had more time for myself, to pursue hobbies or hang out with friends, but I realize that these few years that Nate and Felicia are small and need a lot of attention will be gone before I realize it, and it is a privilege to be able to devote time to them.

Felicia is not even a year and a half old, but she has a big personality and is already very girly. She loves her "babies" and her stuffed animals, and likes to pack them into a stroller and push them around.
She talks a lot already, and recently started picking up some words in Hungarian, which is interesting because we only talk to her in English. She even started calling Rosemary "anya" (mother in HU).
Felicia's favorite article of clothing to wear is a miniskirt... It doesn't even reach her knees - she could easily be kicked out of some Baptist churches for wearing it.
She's so cute it hurts.

Today Rosemary taught Nate to play Candy Land and I taught him to talk like a pirate - both things which I always looked forward to teaching my children to do one day :)

Every day Nate says stuff that just cracks us up.
When Nate was first born my parents bought him a farm set, and we still use the box that it came in to store toys for the kids in our kitchen. Nate is interested in instructions these days, so he decided he wanted to read the instructions on this box for the farm set. He pointed to each paragraph and "read" down the line: "Play with with with toys..." and then he looked at me and said, "Dad, I do all of the instructions!"

Nate has been picking up more and more Hungarian at óvoda. Every day he comes home and surprises us with stuff he has picked up. Óvoda has been really good for him.

Balázs is finishing school next week, and will turn 17 this month. The change in his life over the past 2.5 yrs since he joined our family is huge. His grades have gotten so much better, he takes part in ministry in the church, he helps a lot with the kids, and is generally just a really great person. It is such a witness to God's redemptive power, that he was able to take the bad events in Balázs' life that led him to joining our family, and use them for Balázs' good.

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