Thursday, June 09, 2011

Finally a Mobile Version for Blogger

A few years ago, when we started a church newspaper, we made the decision to do it online rather than have a printed version, for various reasons. One reason was because having an online newspaper would make it possible for us to reach more people with our articles and another reason was because paper is so passé.
Seriously, who reads on paper any more? I barely even read books on paper nowadays - and I read a lot of books!

Just as paper is now passé - it seems to me that desktop computers are also passé, and it is a matter of time before laptops will also be passé.
Even if laptops will not be passé for a long time to come, more and more people are using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets so they can be productive on the go.

I have used both Blogger and Wordpress to blog. Our church's blog is on Wordpress, and I like many things about it - but I started this blog on Blogger, and I like how simple and easy to use it is, so I have kept it here.

The thing I really like about Wordpress is how well it works on mobile devices.
I have an Android phone, and I can easily write and post on Wordpress through their official Android app - which is superior to any of the apps for Blogger.
Furthermore, I prefer reading Wordpress blogs on my phone because they are automatically switched to the mobile version, which doesn't take as long to download and is easier to view on a phone.

So, I was glad today, when I signed into Blogger, to find that there is now a mobile optimized setting for Blogger blogs - and I must say, that I think the Blogger mobile versions look better than the Wordpress ones.

If you want to check out how this blog looks on an iPhone or Android or other smart phone, you can either look it up the old fashioned way, or scan this picture with the Barcode Scanner app.


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  2. Always thought that Wordpress was not as good as you present it in here. Perhaps, i should look closer at WP. Thank for sharing this.