Friday, May 12, 2006

Hungary? Beautiful?

It is spring time in Eger, and the city is starting to come back to life. I had almost forgotten how nice the city is when the weather is nice, since the winter is pretty long and dreary.

We've been having a lot of visitors. In this one week alone we've had a total of 3 groups of people come to stay with us, and even one group that we had to turn down because we already had others scheduled in! I'm not so sure that people would be so excited to come and visit if we lived in say, Füzesabony, or perhaps Heves...(if you understand those words, then you should already know what I mean)...nearby cities which are certainly on the top 10 list of worst places in the world.

Another great part about it is that people are outside, sitting and talking. As a church, we've started hitting the streets to invite people to our church and talk to them about Jesus. Its really great to see people from church growing in sharing their faith, which strengthens them as well.

Some medical students from Debrecen came to visit this week (as seen in photo). We took them out into some of the vineyards surrounding the city (as seen in the other photo). One of them said, Wow, I've never thought of Hungary as beautiful before!
That pretty much sums up Eger!
Please pray for God to work in this beautiful city! And join us in thanking God that he hasn't called us to Füzesabony!


  1. oh i see how it is now. You take some to the vineyards, but not oceans.

  2. Beautiful indeed. It is nice to see the entire country starting to bloom again! Rock on Eger!
    (And Nick to)

  3. Anonymous10:25 PM

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