Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Number of the Beast

Those of you who know Rosemary probably know that she loves to run. I personally would rather get poked in the eye than run, but Rosemary enjoys it and I'm glad she does.
Well, this Saturday there was a race in Eger and Rosemary participated, doing a great job I might add. But in a very ironic turn of events, considering she is a missionary and a pastor's wife, Rosemary sported the following number.


  1. Aunt Merilyn6:54 PM

    That's a cute picture Rosemary. I remember Nick saying that your hand and feet were severe problems for you. You must be doing much better and I'm glad so glad to hear that.
    So how did you do in the race?

  2. Jarrod11:32 AM

    666 eh? Hmmm.

  3. Hi, That is great that Rosemary participated in a local race.