Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monsoon Season

One thing I've recently learned from Sulekha, our Indian friend, is that everything is more severe in India. Poverty, bad roads, and the weather are all more extreme in India than in Hungary.
For the past few weeks we have gotten a ton of rain. It may not qualify as a monsoon, but nonetheless, for sleepy Eger, it's a big deal - it even came up as a prayer request at church.
In some of the surrounding areas there has been serious flooding. In Eger, the creek did overflow in one place, but it wasn't too bad.

Here are some pictures and a video of the Eger patak (creek) to give you an idea how much rain we've had.
Here is are pictures of how the creek usually looks; these pictures were taken in May last year:

And this is what the creek looked like this past Sunday:

The water has receded a bit since then, but it is still wet and rainy, and I noticed today that the part of the flood wall next to the church had collapsed:

This is Dániel, a friend from church, standing in the street in front of his house in Recsk:

Here is a video of the Szinva creek overflowing in downtown Miskolc:

Here's a report on rain in the region from a TV station:


  1. Hú, ez a Szinva nem kispályás! Ki csinálta a videót?

  2. Fogalmom sincs - én csak leszedtem a juhtubról.