Monday, May 17, 2010

Shopping Abroad: Ukraine

One of my favorite things about traveling to different places is going grocery shopping and looking for things I can't buy anywhere else, or things which are specific to that particular country.
I really enjoyed going to the market in Ukraine. You can buy anything there from food to clothes to electronics. There are stands and shops - the whole place is alive and full of people.

They have a lot of good food products there, and the prices are quite low.
Here are some of my favorite things from Ukraine:
  • Smoked cheese and "fonott sajt" (woven smoked cheese) - something we also like to buy in Slovakia
  • Fruit juice.
    There is good organic fruit juice at really cheap prices. I brought home a big pack of Соки України brand juice, which we have been drinking for the past week - I only wish I would have brought more!
  • Dark chocolate. They make good dark chocolate in Ukraine - I like the Корона brand.
  • Pomegranate juice.
    You can get a liter of 100% Pomegranate juice, organic with no added sugar or preservatives, in Ukraine for about 2.50 USD (450 HUF). I saw the same product here in Hungary for 2650 HUF (12 USD). I'm trying to figure out how I could make some money bringing the stuff over :)
  • Квас (Kvass). This is a drink made from rye, which kind of tastes like cola. I wouldn't say it's great - it's an acquired taste - but it sure is cheap: 60 HUF (30 cents)/3 liters!
  • Skittles - Can't get this American candy in Hungary, but they sell it Ukraine.
Soon all this stuff I brought back will run out, and I'll have to go back to Ukraine and load up again...but that's no problem at all; I like going there.

Here is a slideshow about our trip made by Kiss András and Ági

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