Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Special Bath for Jesus

I love the way that Rosemary teaches Nate about Jesus. She tries to do it in a way that makes sense to him, and I think she's really good at it.

This past Sunday we had a baptism service in our church. Baptizing believers is absolutely one of my favorite things to do - it is so great to be part of someone taking that step and making an outward statement of their commitment to Christ and the new life they have received in him.

Before the baptism, during Sunday school, Rosemary taught Nate about John the Baptist and explained baptism. She told him: "When you love Jesus, you take a special bath to show everybody." I guess that's right - I'd just never thought about it in those terms!

Nate doesn't always like taking a bath, so when we went down in the baptismal for the baptisms, Nate started getting nervous and saying, 'Oh no! No bath!'
Then Rosemary told Nate: 'Look, daddy is like John the Baptist!' - which helped Nate to relax and eat some pretzels while watching the baptisms.
Immediately after I got out of the water Nate came up and gave me a high five and told me, 'Good job daddy!'

After the baptisms we had communion. Nate got excited when he saw all the little cups of juice, and wanted to go to the front to get one - but Rosemary stopped him, explaining, 'Nate, that is special juice for big people'. Nate obviously had a hard time accepting this, as he wanted a snack and couldn't understand why we wouldn't let him have any. He'll figure it out eventually :)

Here are some pictures from the baptism:

Pictures by Balázs Dániel

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