Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Be Careful What You Search For

I use Google Analytics on my blog to see how many people are reading my blog and from which countries.

It also tells me how they find their way to the blog, and if they got there through a search engine like Google or Yahoo, it tells me what 'keywords' they typed into the search engine which led them to my blog.

Every now and again I get some weird ones. I guess people type strange things into search engines when they think no one is watching. Today I saw that someone found my blog by searching for this:

A closer view:
I'm guessing Google directed them to this post about a baptism in our church - but why someone is looking for pictures of Pastor Nick bathing...that's just weird.
I just hope that they were looking for a different Pastor Nick!


  1. Szerintem tuti, téged akartak látni fürdősapkában a zuhany alatt... :) :P
    Ezzel a bloggal mindig történik valami... :)

  2. Ha csak tudnád, hogy milyen dolgokat keresték amiket nem mertem ide írni! Ez viszonylag szelid volt!