Saturday, September 04, 2010

Nate and the Giant Mouse

We took Nate to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday for a birthday party. Some of my cousins and family friends came with their kids, and Nate had a great time - until he saw the 2 meter tall mouse...

Nate had a great time for about 2 hrs, playing skeeball and sitting in the photo booth - but when it came time for food and cake some girls from another party started screaming and the guy in the giant mouse costume came and tried to hug Nate. After that he was done. He started telling my dad, "I want to put on shoes and go in the car and go to grandma's house!" Then after a while, he started telling me: "I want to go on the airplane and go home!"

So, we won't be going back to Chuck E. Cheese for a while - and that is probably not a bad thing. I hadn't been to Chuck E. Cheese in like 20 years until last night. Turns out that what's cool and fun when you are 7 years old is terribly annoying when you are 27 years old.

Nonetheless, the party was fun, and Nate did have a good time, and it was good to see everyone who came out.

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