Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We have been very busy for the last 3 weeks that we have been in the States. There are many stories that I would like to tell - and hope to post a few up here when I have more time, but I wanted to share something noteworthy that happened yesterday.

I believe that stories of the great things that God does should be told over and over. They give glory to God and they strengthen the faith of those who hear them or read them. Here's one of those stories:

My parents have a friend in their neighborhood named Jeanie. Jeanie has a benign tumor in her brain, which she had surgery on last year. Since then, the tumor grew again very quickly and was putting pressure on her brain, causing her pain and becoming so dangerous that doctors told her in the summer that if she did not have surgery to remove it, she would die within 6 months.
She was scheduled for surgery, which was postponed twice because her brain surgeon suffered an eye injury. Finally, Monday she went in to have the surgery.

We had been praying for Jeanie ever since my mom told us about the situation, and on Sunday I felt that God would want me to go over to her house to pray for her in person. Jeanie is also a member of a local church here in Colorado, and many people there have been praying for her as well.
On Monday when she went in for the surgery, after she had the MRI, gotten her head shaved, and was about to receive the anesthesia, the surgeon came in the operating room and told the anesthesiologist to stop, because he needed to talk to Jeanie about what he had seen on the MRI. The MRI showed that her tumor had shrunk to 2cm, and thus she didn't need to have surgery. Previously this same surgeon had told Jeanie many times that this kind of tumor does not shrink.

After praying for Jeanie on Sunday evening, I hadn't expected to see her again before leaving Colorado, but this morning she came over to bring us some scones!
God is good, and we believe that He caused this tumor to shrink.

It has been such an incredibly faith-building experience to see God heal Felicia, and it was so good to see him answer our prayers for Jeanie. Please continue to pray for Jeanie, that the tumor would go away completely.

Don't believe in prayer - believe in God. Don't talk about the 'power of prayer' - talk about the power of the God of the Bible who creates and heals. The glory is all His.


  1. Hűha! Isten megmozdult, azt hiszem vagy csak azt mondta az imáitokra, hogy ámen!
    Köszi a megosztott bizonyságtételt!
    Ézsaias 35:3

  2. thanks for sharing, Praise the Lord!

  3. Glory to God!