Friday, September 03, 2010


We made it to Colorado and are at my parents' house now. There were times today, however, when it was hard to believe this moment would ever come.
I used to really like long distance flights; I saw them as a great opportunity to relax, think, read, etc. I liked taking those flights with Rosemary before we had kids. Then Nate came along and those flights became a lot of work - although because we could tag-team it wasn't too bad. But traveling with 2 little ones was pretty rough...

We had expected that Nate would be the difficult one, but actually he was very well behaved. He was so excited about being on the airplane. Felicia had a hard time and was more work for us than we had expected.
By the time we forget how rough it actually was today, it will be time to do it all over and head back to Hungary!

On a side note: I overheard Nate talking to himself today; he said: 'Time is money. Nate's time is money!'
I wonder where he got that one from.
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  1. hey! cool you're in CO! i'm flying in on saturday, so excited to have a break. hope you enjoy your time

  2. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Give Nate some money he has spent his time being good now he needs his money.

  3. Maybe he's remembering the times you played WoW when he was little. "Time is money friend!"

  4. Oh, how I hear you about those flights. I am dreading having to do it again by myself with - not one, not two, but - three kids! Glad to hear you arrived safely though. Are you going to visit California or will you be in CO the whole time?

  5. Never mind, I just saw that this post is almost a month old. I guess I haven't visited your blog in a while. I hope your time in the States has been refreshing!

  6. D&A - Thanks! We are in Southern California at the moment. We are having a good time, but totally dreading the flight back...
    God bless you - 3 kids on the plane sounds rough!