Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yesterday I met with a guy from church for coffee, and after walking from the church to the coffee shop we go to almost every week, we found to our surprise that it was closed.

Not only was I sad to see that one of the best small businesses in Eger had closed, but as I thought about it, I realized how many memories that place held for Rosemary and I from our time here in Eger.

It was in that coffee shop that we first met with 2 young women back in 2003 to talk about the possibility of a Calvary Chapel church in Eger. We borrowed our friend's car and drove up from Debrecen just for the meeting. In the end, nothing really came out of that meeting itself - but upon hearing about this meeting, and realizing that we were seriously praying about coming to Eger, someone else offered to let us hold Bible studies in her house.

After moving to Eger in 2005, we met with our church planting team in this coffee shop every week for prayer and planning. The four of us were regulars - every Tuesday at 10. The coffee shop was quite compact, and I will never forget one time when we were praying and I overheard the elderly woman sitting next to us say to her friend, "Look, they're meditating!"

I met with people from church in this coffee shop for years, had a lot of meaningful conversations, and went on dates with my wife here.

Café Arabica, this is a sad day. You were an Eger icon, and you will be missed.


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  1. Thanks for writing about it Nick. That is truely sad. SO MANY memories! Plus no more mentes kave or forro mentes csoki.
    They sure did blow starbucks out of the water with coffee.