Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Has Begun

Summer is in full gear!

Our English Camp outreach is only 7 weeks away, and we already have over 90 kids signed up. Please join us in praying that God would do a great work through this camp. We are starting a prayer chain; if you would like to join it, please write us an email or a comment, and we'll include you.

We have a great balcony on our house. One of my favorite things in the summer is to sit out on the balcony during a thunderstorm and watch the lightning - God's fireworks.

Yesterday Rosemary went out and got a table for the balcony, so we can eat and drink coffee and read out there. We've only had it for 2 days, but we have already gotten a lot of use out of it.
Nate was excited about it, and told me he wanted to drink a coffee with me (his was chocolate milk) at the new table.

In other news, Felicia is cuter by the day:

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