Sunday, September 04, 2011

Family Portrait

Yesterday was the celebration for the 20th anniversary of Calvary Chapel in Hungary. There was a big event in Budapest with people from all over the country getting together for one big service, remembering what God has done and looking forward to what He will do in the future through our movement in this country.

We rented a bus to take people from our church up to Budapest for the event - but at the last minute I ended up deciding that I needed to stay home with Nate who has an infection in his throat and a high fever. I was bummed that I couldn't go to the event, but I wanted Rosemary to be able to go and get to see everyone, and Nate wasn't in any condition to go.

So, while we were at home yesterday Nate and I made a present for mommy: he drew this family portriat:

Everybody's in there - Nate put himself in the center, Balázs is the one in the corner with glasses and hair that stands straight up.
I'm not quite sure why Nate gave me so much hair :)

We framed his family portrait and put it up in his room:

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