Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My Wife is Cool

I am impressed with my wife.

On Saturday Rosemary organized a birthday party for Nate with some of his friends from church. Lídia, Julcsi, Alex, Korni and András - and of course Dani bácsi were in attendance, all at Nate's request.

Our little boy is pretty decisive about what he wants. Rosemary took him into a few stores to plan his birthday party, and he knew exactly what he wanted - a Lightning McQueen cake with chocolate on the inside from the cukrászda in the plaza, and balloons with helium and confetti poppers.

But what I think was most impressive was that Rosemary built Radiator Springs in our back yard for the kids to drive their cars on during the party.

She had a lot of other good ideas for the Cars theme and for games the kids could play - and they all got Piston Cups at the end.

A good time was had by all. My wife is cool.


  1. Wow, everything turned out great. I'm sure Nate was super blessed, and yes your wife is awesome :D

  2. Szuper party volt, az biztos, Rosemary tényleg MINDENRE (és mindenkire) gondolt! :)) Kösz, hogy ott lehettünk! - Andris és Korni anyukája

  3. Kösz, hogy eljöttetek. Nélkületek nem lett volna az igazi :)

  4. Wow, Rosemary!!! Excellent job! Nate will always remember these parties! Linda