Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ending Where We Started

Monday night as we packed our bags to fly out early Tuesday mornin and leave our beloved Eger, we ate dinner with the Poczok family - a family who attend our church and live very close to where we did.

It was a very fitting way to end our time in Eger, because it was at there house that we started out when we first started coming to Eger.

Before we moved to Eger, for about a year or so, we took te train up from Debrecen to meet with some people and hold Bible studies. But since we weren't yet married at the time, Rosemary and I had to find separate places to sleep. I always used to sleep at the house of a family from the Baptist church and Rosemary would stay with the Poczok family.

Their daughter Judit was the first person in the church in Eger, and we spent a lot of time with their family over the years. Kati néni was always ready to help us no matter what we needed. She cooked for us, she watched our kids and played with them, and generally just loved us, and we loved her.

Sitting in their house 8 years after we first started coming to Eger, on our last night in Hungary was surreal, but a very fitting end to a very blessed era of our lives.

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