Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Bought a Mac

I bought a new laptop last week. Balázs will be doing the rest of this semester of school online, so he needed a computer, so I gave him my PC laptop and I got a MacBook Pro.

I kind of felt like a lemming buying a Mac, but I really do like it a lot.

I like the operating system, I love all the touch pad fast gestures, how the email program integrates with the calendar and how I am able to sync everything together.

I also love that my battery lasts 6 hrs on one charge.

I'll say this - a few months ago I got to the point where I hated using my laptop, and rather used my tablet as much as I could, only turning on the laptop when absolutely necessary, about once or twice a week. Using this Mac has made me enjoy using a laptop again.

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