Thursday, March 01, 2012

Packing Our Bags

Tomorrow is moving day!

We weighed our options and decided to go with an international relocation service that some friends of ours used when they moved back to the States from Debrecen. It's not cheap, but since we don't plan on moving continents again for a long while, we decided that it is worth it. The kids get to keep all of their toys and even their furniture, which we trust will make the transition easier on them and give them a sense of continuity in their lives.
And one of the biggest benefits is that we don't have to pack ANYTHING except what we take with us on the plane - in fact, we are not even ALLOWED to pack anything because the customs require details lists, and the company told us we are not allowed to pack any of our own stuff - we have to let them do it all. We can watch. We are totally ok with that :)
People keep asking us how the packing is going, and the truth is that it is not - we have just been living life as usual except for selling a few things. It has taken a huge stress off of the move and made it possible for us to just focus on our family and the church here.

Today we told the kids to pack their carry on luggage for the plane. Here are some pictures and a video:

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