Monday, December 29, 2008

All Kinds of Randomness

Here are some uncategorized random thoughts.
  • I spoke at Whitefields Community Church in Longmont today, where our friend Pete Nelson is the pastor. Its a great body, and it was great to be with them.
    I spoke there once before in March, and I was talking to one of the ladies from the church before the service, and she said - "Are you the missionary from Hungary? Yea, there was a missionary from Hungary here back in March, but he was fatter than you!"
    Yea, well the person she remembered was actually me - but I guess I've lost some weight since then - praise the Lord for that!
  • I got to go snowboarding twice here in Colorado, which was really great. The conditions were amazing.
    Friday we went to Winter Park, and had knee-deep fresh in Parsenn bowl, and were getting face shots in the powder. It was a blessing :)
  • Nate can say a few words now. After a few weeks with cats, he learned the word "kitty", and he likes to call all cats "Duchess" - the name of one of my parents' cats.
  • The Denver Broncos just lost to the San Diego Chargers. They got killed.
    This was a big game - the winner goes to the playoffs and the loser's season is over. Stinkin' Broncos know how to choke, and do it well.
    Since I'm from Denver and Rosemary and her brother are from San Diego - well, it will be hard to be around them for a while.
  • Rosemary and Nate flew out to San Diego on Saturday, and I'm driving out there tonight.
    I'm getting in the car in about half an hour, to leave. We will make a stop in Vegas to visit some friends.
    I will have some company - April (who worked with us in Eger) has a brother named Zach, and he is going to make the drive with me, which will help.
    Please pray that we'll have a safe drive!

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