Sunday, December 28, 2008

Revenge of the Kitty

Nate is having a good time here in Denver, for many reasons, but one of the main ones is: Kitties.

We don't have cats, and as far as I know, until our trip here, Nate had never even seen a cat up close.

Nate is a kitty lover. He is also a kitty hunter, a kitty terrorizer and a kitty harasser.

He spends all day every day chasing the kitties around. When he finds them sleeping, he likes to bring them gifts, and place things on top of them.
He also enjoys pulling on their tails and ears. He tries to pet them, but his fine motor skills aren't quite there yet, so the petting usually ends up more like slapping...

So, the other day, one of the kitties had enough and left Nate with a nice scratch on his nose :(
Its like the old saying goes - mess with a bull and you'll get the horns; terrorize a kitty and you'll get the claws...

Anyways, after a short break, Nate has shaken off his injury and is back at confidently chasing kitties around the house :)


  1. I live with Kitty's revenge every day of my life...