Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold in Colorado

This is the first time that Rosemary has been in Colorado in the winter.
She has always told me that the reason she would never want to live in Colorado is because it gets too cold in the winter, and I always try to explain to her that it doesn't actually get super cold here, and that the winters are quite mild in Denver.
I tell her stories to try to convince her of this, like about how I've played basketball in a t-shirt on Christmas day before in Denver.

Well, now there's no chance that she will believe that CO winters are mild. This past week there has been a lot of snow, a cold snap, and record-low temperatures.
According to this article in the Denver Post, on Monday the low temperature was -15F/-26C. Tuesday had the lowest recorded temperature for that date since 1897.

All across the city school buses couldn't start, and kids didn't have to go to school - the all-time greatest feeling for any kid in the winter!
Here at my parents' house, the water pipes froze in the garage, and we had to use a propane heater to thaw them out.

Before and shortly after I moved to Hungary, Colorado had a drought for 5 yrs. There was no snow, the winters were warm, glaciers were melting in the mountains. It was bad; everyone was talking about global warming.
But for the last few years, there has been a lot of snow and cold temperatures.
So, it's cold here - but at least its back to normal!


  1. Its colder here than it is in Hungary... as far as I know! I am always told by Coloradans how warm it can be in the winter-but I think you all just get used to the freezing cold and say that cold is warmer than freezing, and as a San Diegan, its really just all a freezing cold winter.

  2. BTW - I talked to some people from Indiana tonight who now live in CO, and they told me that winter here is much nicer than there!
    I think its grrrrrreat here!