Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fresh and Easy

In Hungary and some of the surrounding countries, as far as supermarkets go, Tesco is the biggest show in town.
In Eger we have a big Tesco store, where you can get pretty much anything.

Although Tesco is a British company, their biggest stores are actually based in Eastern Europe - the biggest one of all being in Budaörs, Hungary.
Tesco also has stores in many other countries, especially in Asia, which usually don't go by the Tesco name, but are nonetheless Tesco-owned.

Tesco is now the world's 4th largest retailer after Wal-Mart (USA), Carrefour (France) and Home Depot (USA).
And now Tesco is making their move on the American market under the name Fresh and Easy.
The first Fresh and Easy stores opened in 2007 in California, Nevada, and Arizona, and Tesco's American headquarters is in El Segundo, CA.

I went to a Fresh and Easy for the first time tonight in Vista, CA. We were looking for baby food, and curious what an American Tesco store would be like.

Firstly, it was nothing like the Tesco stores in Eastern Europe (which, by the way, are nothing like the Tesco stores in the UK).
Fresh and Easy is a discount grocery store with an environmentally friendly angle to it.
At Fresh and Easy there are no casheirs - only self-checkout machines.
And the food there is CHEAP. But I guess I understand why they didn't choose to name the store Cheap and Easy, as that might have another connotation!

All in all, I think Fresh and Easy is pretty cool, and would shop there again in a heartbeat.

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