Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Kids are expensive.

We woke up this morning to the smell of Balázs getting ready for school.
That's right, not the sound - the smell.
Specifically, it was the smell of his Adidas body spray, which he unsparingly lavishes on every morning.
The stuff smells nice and all - but it isn't cheap, and he goes through it like nobody's business. The same goes for his hair gel.

And its not just Balázs who I'm thinking of when I say that kids are expensive.
Today I got a call from someone in our church, who told me that Nathaniel must have gotten a hold of my mobile, because he called her a few times, and then sent her a couple of "multimedia" text messages.

I'm going to have to pick up a few more hours at the language school...


  1. Nate is a wiz. He might give Joel a run for his money when he gets older. Look out!

  2. Quite possible!
    Nate babbles a lot, and probably what he's trying to ask is: Can I please format your hard drive and install Ubuntu on it? or Did you know that if you change your computer's settings, you could increase the proficiency by 80%?

    I would say its also quite possible that Nathaniel spends all that time playing with my phone, because he is trying to install Linux on it.

  3. I think he is too young for linux hacking. maybe more like installing new ringtones and games to keep him busy while he charges up the phone bill multimedia messaging everyone.