Thursday, January 29, 2009

High Five

American Idol has started again.
Last year we reluctantly started watching American Idol, and got hooked. At first we were a little embarrassed to admit that we were fans, but we have since come out of the closet, and enjoy watching the competition.
We were very glad that David Cook won last year - he became our favorite when he sang Hello, way back in the top 16. Rosemary still YouTube-s his rendition of Always Be My Baby about once a week.

Even though the new season of AI has been going for a few weeks now, we just got around to starting to watch it.
At the end of the first episode, there was a blind guy, who sang well and got put through to the next round. Interestingly, as he came out to celebrate with his family, Ryan Seacrest tried to give him a high five. No, really; Ryan Seacrest tried to give a blind guy a high five!
We busted up!
Here's the video:

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