Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Church Retreat

This past weekend we had our 3rd annual church retreat in Mátrafüred - about an hour from Eger.
For me, these retreats are one of my favorite things that we do with the church. They are always times when we grow closer to the Lord and closer to each other, as we spend the weekend in fellowship together, hanging out, cooking, playing sports, going hiking, and studying God's Word together.
Horvát-Kávai Árpi, Andi, and Nina came up from Vajta, and Árpi taught the Bible studies, which were a blessing to everyone.
We're already looking forward to next year's retreat - or maybe we will have to do one sooner. We'll see...
Here are some pictures:


  1. Right on! We'll see what we can do...
    Until then we should just go snowboarding as much as possible!

  2. szerinted tényleg ez történt?