Tuesday, March 17, 2009


When our house got broken into last month we lost some valuable stuff. Although some things we lost were irreplaceable, we have been able to replace a few things with a little help from our friends. Thank you to those of you who blessed us in that way.

Today we replaced one of the things we lost which we really don't 'need' in order to live, but which we really liked having - our Nikon D50 camera. They don't make the D50 anymore, so we got a D60, which is the newer version of Nikon DSLR.
There are some things about it which are different from the D50, which we will have to get used to - like the body is much more compact - which is good in a lot of ways, but it feels different in your hand. Also, because of the smaller body there is no setting display on the top of the camera, but it is done on the LCD.
The nice things about it are that the LCD is bigger and the camera is much lighter than the D50. It also has a better sensor and is 10 megapixel instead of 6. There are some other significant technical improvements on it as well.

Today I took it out for a test run.