Monday, March 30, 2009

Life in Eger

Thoughts for the today:
  • We really like the mall here in Eger. The Agria Park, as its called, was a big deal when it was built a year ago; in fact, it won an award for best shopping center of 2008.
    We go to the mall at least 2 or 3 times a week, and usually more. It is only 2 blocks from our house, and there's a grocery store there, a branch of our bank, an outdoor playground, an indoor play area, a hair dresser, coffee shops, etc... Nate loves to hang out there, because there is a lot of room for him to run. We often go there to meet with people from church.
    Unfortunately, our dear mall seems to be in decline. A lot of the shops have been closing up, even some owned by big international chains. One good side to this, is that a lot of the shops have sales.
    Today, to our great disappointment, we saw that the Subway restaurant in the mall closed too. Having a Subway was a big source of pride for us here in Eger, since we were one of the only places outside of Budapest to have one! Its true that the prices were really high, and because of that we only ate there once - but we were sad to see it go. In fact, they already took Eger off of their international list of restaurant locations! Farewell Subway. Its back to the dark ages for us citizens of Eger.

  • Today we watched the movie Fireproof with Shane and Marianna.
    I have to say that this has to be the best Christian film I've ever seen. Usually I don't like Christian films; I didn't even like Facing the Giants - made by the same people who made Fireproof - movies about high-school football don't do it for me in general.
    Kirk Cameron out-acted everyone else in the film like Michael Jordan playing on a team of 5 year-olds, and some of the actors were so bad that we wondered if they were just nice people from the church of the producers rather than professional actors.
    But overall, the movie was great - well written and captivating. Good job on this one Christians! Keep up the good work.

  • The actual vote will happen on April 14th, but it seems that Hungary's next Prime Minister is going to be Bajnai Gordon.
    I've never met a Hungarian named Gordon before, and I wonder if they just chose him because he's the closest thing they could find to Gordon Brown. Even Balázs told me that he's never heard of the name Gordon before in Hungary; the weird thing to think about is that when this guy's parents named him Gordon like 50 yrs ago, they were being hip and trendy by naming him something different, before it was even popular in Hungary to be hip and trendy! Nice work Bajnai Gordon's parents!
    I just hope Gordon does good things for the country, as Hungary is in danger of economic collapse this year. Hopefully that won't happen.


  1. mi leszünk az első ország, aminek egy gordonka a miniszterelnöke... :P

  2. De, azért már van egy Gordon - Gordon Brown, Angliában

  3. na jó, de nálatok a gordonka az gordonka, nálunk viszont cselló...

  4. Érdekes, a volt gazdasági miniszterből lesz miniszterelnök. Szomorú!! Gordon, Kisz-es ex kollégája Gyurcsánynak! Undorító!!

  5. Igen, sokan azt mondták, hogy 'jaj, de jó, hogy új miniszterelnök lesz Gyurcsány helyett', de úgy néz ki, hogy csak a neve lesz más, és azon kivül nem változik semmi.

  6. Anonymous12:38 PM

    szerintem is csak megint port hintenek egy problémára amit nem úgy kezelnek, mint egy ország problémájat hanem saját maguknak tekintik. egy biztos ki kell valahogy lábalni ebből a válságból és ezt csak úgy lehet,ha olyan embert választanak akiben van hogy felelősség és nem az öncélokat teszi előtérbe csak így lehet jobbítani az ország nem túl rózsás helyzetén.
    Üdv! J.